Can we hire you just for photos?

Yes. We offer a ‘Lite’ package for just photos of the property. The price ranges from $50-$99 depending on size and location of the property as well as flexibility of scheduling.

Click HERE to message us with a property address and requested date of service.

How much notice is needed for booking a shoot?

Availability will be determined once property address and package size is inputted into the system.

Am I able to hold a date/time?

Yes. We will reserve a date/time for you for 24 hours. We will send you reminder emails to confirm your appointment every 4 hours. After that time, you will have to go back in and reschedule for a different date/time.

Do I have to be at the property when the Capture Tech arrives?

Yes. You must be at the property 15 minutes prior to the Capture Technicians arrival and stay until the Capture Tech has finished. The Capture Tech is not responsible for setting up the home to be photo ready nor is he/she responsible for closing up the home after filming has been completed.

Is there anything I should do to prepare the home for the Capture Technician's arrival?

Yes. After you have confirmed your scheduled date/time, you will receive an email with instructions on how the home should be prepared prior to the Capture Tech’s arrival. The instructions include turning on all lights, opening all drapes/blinds, making sure countertops are cleared, toilet seats are down, etc. It is NOT the Capture Tech’s responsibility to prepare the home. We ask that you please prepare the home in order to keep our Capture Technicians on track and make this as easy and efficient of a process as possible.

See our suggested Home Preparation Checklist HERE.

What is your turnaround time?

Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.

How will I receive my order?

When your order is complete, you will receive an email notification that includes a link to your order details page on where you have the ability to download photos and video. You will also have access to your published Property Sites from your Order Details Page.

I did not receive an email that my order was fulfilled. Does that mean I cannot access my order?

If you did not receive an email that your order has been completed and fulfilled, you can always access and check the status of your photography and videography directly from your Real Market Tech account by logging in and navigating to your Order Details Page for that specific property.

If I'm not satisfied with something on my order, can it be fixed prior to populating onto my Property Sites?

Yes. Once you receive your order, you will need to approve of it before Property Sites are populated and content is available for download. If there is something you do not approve of, you will be able to provide notes on what you would like to be corrected and submit it to our Content Technicians for revision. You will be provided with revised content within 24‐48 hours.

What is your policy on cancellations?

24 hour cancellation policy is enforced. Short term cancellations will result in a $100 cancellation fee.

I already have photos of my own. Can I order virtual staging through Real Market Tech?

No. When using our Virtual Staging service, all staged photography must be photographed by Real Market Tech.

I have video editing software and was wondering if I could add my own captions, edits, music to the video you produced. Is that okay?

Unfortunately, no. Some components of our videos contain licensed material, meaning we don't own it and we do not have the ability to grant ownership to you. For that reason, we do not sell our videos to anyone. We sell you the right to use them only in their original, unaltered state.

Can I hire you to create something totally different than what is advertised on your website?

At this time, our services are strictly reserved for capturing of real estate photography and videography.

I am not a Keller Williams agent. Can I still order services from Real Market Tech?

No. At this time, our services are only available exclusively to Keller Williams agents. If you'd like to learn how to order services through Real Market Tech, click HERE for more details.