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a targeted content marketing concoction maximizing exposure, building web appeal, pointing out value and effectively leading to inquiries


The New Standard in Marketing TechNologies

Real Market Tech is a marketing company that collectively harnesses new and emerging digital technologies to the best advantage of its clients, and champions online strategies to bring buyers, sellers and properties together through one single interface.

Technology impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, and real estate is no exception. In 2018 the first stop over 90% of home buyers is on the Internet, with photos and videos being the number one draw. That means the initial showing of nearly all listed properties takes place on computers, tablets or mobile devices.  Real Market Tech is the compliment to this new digital age.

We ensure that all our digital media is of only the highest clarity, quality and design. Our marketing campaigns are strategic, targeted, re-marketed, and syndicated across top industry websites, as well as multiple elite print publications, appropriate social media platforms and our own independent print marketing publications like the one currently being read.

Real Market Tech services are designed to aid real estate agents in getting back to doing what they do best, servicing buyers and sellers.

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Since an estimated 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual, we’ve evolved to efficiently process visual information very quickly and effortlessly.  We find it entertaining; it stimulates our minds. That’s why video and interactive media are the most in demand forms of media there are today. YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors every month for the same reason you own a television:  People love videos.

When Real Market Tech puts your listing on the internet, an enormous amount of information that is typically expressed through paper documentation can, instead, be delivered quickly and efficiently to hundreds of thousands of people around the world in an engaging, memorable, and meaningful way through the use of interactive media.

We use a blend of photography, videography, 360 degree virtual tours to engage buyers to sellers properties.  We strategically take a homes stimulating marketing material and put it in front of as many buyers as possible.

...buyers first showings are happening on their smart phones, tablets and computers; web appeal is the new curb appeal, what kind of first impression are you making?
— David Axelrad

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We love the internet and we know how important digital media is in effective marketing. That’s why we leverage both when representing great properties giving them the quality exposure deserved.

The road to high visibility and maximized exposure includes all the major stops. With our comprehensive format, far-reaching skill set, ability to strategically target audiences and providing all the user-friendly features customers expect and are deserved in the 21st century. Clients say our methods are best in class. 




'a digital marketing concoction to bring homes to market before completion maximizing exposure , building web appeal, pointing out future value, painting the picture of a completed project and effectively leading to inquiries/ sales before a homes completion.  
saving time & money, decreasing the build and sales timeline leading to a higher rate of portfolio builds.' - david axelrad


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