Real Market Tech is a marketing company that collectively harnesses new and emerging digital technologies to champion online strategies to bring buyers and sellers together through one single interface and an efficient process that delivers a digital showing.

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Property sites allow buyers to see every bit of information there is about a property in one place. Photos, video, 360 tours, property description, property map, etc. Everything they need is right at their fingertips.


HDR (High Dynamic Range) images capture the lightest light and the darkest dark and merge them into one photo to show every detail in the highest quality. It's almost impossible to capture a single photo that has both ends of the spectrum, but with the latest in today's technology, it's now possible.


Real Estate is more or less all about visuals. While photos are a huge part of Real Estate, video walkthroughs are just as important when it comes to marketing your listing. By creating engaging material, viewers are more likely to want to keep watching.


Virtual tours allows the buyer to be in control; giving them the freedom to roam about a home from the comfort of their couch. This gives the buyer the ability to really see the home in its entirety.


Home staging is the act of preparing and showcasing a house for sale to attract a large pool of prospective buyers and help sell a home quickly for top dollar. Rated as the second best home improvement investment for sellers by Zillow, staging is a powerful marketing tactic used to gain a competitive advantage in today's housing market.

$35 per image


Our affordability lies in our efficiency. The more efficient your requested order date and time is to our schedule, the greater the discount we are able to offer.


Two (2) Property Sites
Up to 20 HDR Images
4 360° Images


Two (2) Property Sites
Up to 25 HDR Images
8 360° Images
60 Second Video Walkthrough


Two (2) Property Sites
Over 25 HDR Images
12 360° Images
90 Second Video Walkthrough

*upon scheduling, we will offer our regular rate as well as our efficiency rate. the more you are able to work within our schedule, the greater discount you can receive. pricing is based on a combination of efficiency, property square footage and property type (residential/condo).

If you want a more specific price quote…

Simply login, input the property address, confirm the property details, select your package, your desired appointment date and check availability. our pricing matrix will calculate the regular rate as well as alternative efficiency rates. once availability is confirmed, you can book your appointment or tentatively book; holding the selected date and time for 24 hours.


  1. Sign Up

    Enter your Agent and Office Code to get started. Once entered, you will receive an activation email with a link to Real Market Tech's login window.

  2. Login

    Once activated, login to your Real Market Tech account and begin the order process.

  3. Input Property Address

    Enter the property address and confirm the property details are accurate.

  4. Choose Package

    You will be provided with three (3) package options; Small, Medium, and Large.

  5. Schedule Appointment

    Once your package is selected, choose a date and time you wish to have our Capture Technician arrive to film the home.

  6. Confirm Order

    Pricing is provided and is calculated based on our pricing matrix. Our pricing algorithm will also give a price based on efficiency. Once selected a confirmation email will be sent for your order.

  7. Property Capture

    You will receive an email prior to the appointment with instructions on preparing the home to be filmed. Our Capture Tech will arrive at the property and capture quality material based on your order package.

  8. Receive Completed Order

    Within 24-48 hours after the property has been captured, you will receive an email notifying you of your completed order. Once approved, the materials will be published and you will have the ability to download all content from your Order Details Page.

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